First Blog

First Blog

I am not so sure how to start a blog considering I’ve never had one but here goes....

Hello! My name is Brittani and I am the owner of blue stoRm boutique. Although I am the owner, my mom, has been my partner in crime for everything in life and this boutique is no different. She is my best friend and has helped me from the very beginning to make my dream a reality. 

Opening this boutique has been a whirlwind of firsts and definitely a learning experience. My mom and I have been working extremely hard to get this boutique started. We’ve had plenty of laughs - mostly at each other’s expense - but overall, we love working together. It’s been a rough year for everyone but its tested us (my family) to extreme lengths.  If you visit our website and read ‘Our Story’ you will understand just exactly what I mean. Opening blue stoRm has been therapeutic and honestly, a dream come true.

There are some days where my mom and I each work alone. She lives in New Jersey and I live in Nassau county.  However, despite the distance we are constantly Face Timing and she can tell me all about her “office friends” and I can tell her about mine. Now, I know what you’re thinking, what in the world are office friends especially for a solo business. Well, let me tell you about them. For my mom, It’s a precious, angel cat named Bug, a sweet, baby Jack Russell chihuahua mix named Charlie, and last, but not least, a furry, silly squirrel named Eric. Eric is the friendliest squirrel in her pack of about 10 who visit her daily.  Eric scales the sides of my mom’s house daily, peeking in windows,  stalking her and waiting for his meals.  He tries to get in the door but Bug and Charlie will not allow that.

My office friends happen to be two crazy pups; Barney and Snoopy (rescued MinPins). They’re 15 & 16 and sleep most of the day but are never out of sight.  Barney is pretty much my Siamese twin.  He sticks to me like glue.  He will sleep as close to me as he can whether it’s on the floor or on my lap.  He just needs the golden opportunity to get to my lap.  The hours that they are awake are interesting to say the least.  They still play fight and are so jealous of each other that I have to stop what I'm doing to remind them that they are brothers and they should love each other.

Now that you’ve gotten a better understanding of how we work (although slightly unconventional with employed pups and squirrels and all), let’s talk about this blog! 

I decided to start a blog under blue stoRm’s name so that it would be more than just a place to purchase clothing and accessories.  I want you to know that we are real people “behind the screen” and that we will listen and do the best we can to make your experience with us, the best that it can be. I want this to be a place where we can talk fun stuff, educational stuff, interesting stuff and and of course, serious stuff.  We don’t have to talk just fashion and clothing.  I want our conversations and topics to be important to our customers. More than anything I want my customers to know that I truly care about them and not just a sale. So, we would love your input, opinions, advice and if you can think of any topics you would like to discuss, email us ~ We would love to chat. We haven’t decided on our next blog topic yet but we promise to pique your interest. 

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