Lets talk shop! And get a little serious ...

Lets talk shop! And get a little serious ...

Hello Everyone! 

This weeks blog is going to be a little shorter, more of just a little store update! We have been so busy behind the scenes of blue stoRm, talking about so many new and upcoming things for the boutique. Its been so exciting, and hectic, at the same time that last weeks blog post completely slipped my mind. 

If you have read 'Our Story', at blue stoRm we have a special section that is dedicated to handmade items, specifically, our handmade hats. We have taken such pride in our hats, and love when we see them on a purchase order, because that means we get to donate even more money towards something that is very important to my family and I; suicide prevention. We lost my brother Richie this past August to suicide, and it has been the hardest thing we have had to deal with. He was an amazing soul, and for his life to have been cut so short has been very hard to understand. My hope is that I can help as many organizations as possible prevent anyone else from feeling the way my brother felt. We have decided to add up our handmade hat sales from the day we opened (11/29/2020) until 01/13/2020 and were able to write a check for $345.00 to an organization that is close to our hearts. 

I know my one donation won't change the world, suicide, or the stigma surrounding it, but its a start. Its letting people know that there are people out here who care and who want to say "Its okay to not be okay". A tragedy such as this one takes a toll on an individual, family, friends, and even strangers. The more we are able to talk about it I believe the more we can help. 

So maybe this blog wasn't as short as I thought it was going to be, sorry! But please know I am beyond grateful for the love and support I have received thus far and cannot wait for all of the exciting things that are coming. A storm is coming and its going to be fun, exciting, trendy and all worth it. 

~blue stoRm~


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